LFA Park Staff
Are you or someone you know looking for a great summer job in Chapel Hill? 
The park season will open on Friday, May 26 and close on Monday, September 4.
We anticipate needing 10-12 staff members and one staff supervisor this summer and expect each employee will have around 100 hours of work for the season. Returning staff who are age 18+ with 2+ years of LFA experience are preferred for the staff supervisor position.
The job requires a strong ability to work independently. Many of the hours on duty will be spent alone. There are daily lists of tasks to be done and it is expected that you will do these tasks without much supervision. A typical daily shift is from either 10:00am – 3:00pm or 2:00pm – 7:00pm.
LFA Park Staff Responsibilities and Job Description
  • As a member of the LFA park staff, employees serve as a representative of the Lake Forest Neighborhood. 
  • Check in all who arrive at the park – all must be members or guests in attendance with members
  • Keep the park clean, organized, safe and attractive
  • Be courteous and helpful to all park visitors 
  • Wear a LFA staff tee shirt and/or visor at all times while on duty 
  • Know all the lake/park rules of the LFA 
  • Ensure all LFA rules are followed by all park visitors
  • Arrive a few minutes before your shift to allow time to sign in
  • It is the responsibility of each staff member to find subs for any shift they can not work
  • LFA Staff are not to give out gate code to any non-member
  • Working as an LFA Staff member does not entitle staff to membership of the LFA
  • LFA Staff may NOT have guests visit while they are working (regardless of LFA Membership Status)
Your completed application must arrive by April 30, 2023 for consideration for the 2023 Season. Krystal Reid, Association Manager will contact you by May 1st to schedule an interview.  The full summer schedule will be available by May 22. MANDATORY Staff orientation will be held in early May. 
If hired, you will be required to complete the Towne Properties hiring paperwork which includes background checks (for applicants over 18) and drug testing (for all applicants).
If you are interested in joining the staff for LFA, please send a completed LFA Park Staff Employment Application to MollyKirkham@TowneProperties.com..
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